Supporters Club

The value of Surf Life Saving in a small town delivers a far broader range of benefits than just saving lives and preventing incidents in the ocean. Surf Clubs create social and community cohesion by bringing community members together, providing a social venue for different generations to gather and build relationships and support local not-for-profit, charity and school organisations.

The Nipper program teaches children to be safe in the surf. The values of Surf Lifesaving are community service-based and altruistic in nature, and from nippers through cadets, Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), Bronze Medallions and beyond, all members learn to put the needs of others before their own.

The re-forming of a local community-run, Peregian Beach Surf Club is a significant achievement for Peregian. However, a lot more support is required to ensure a sustainable future for the Club.  The Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving Supporters Club was set up to raise funds for the Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving Club. This is traditionally the model for Surf Life Saving, allowing the Club to remain focussed on the beach and the Supporters club to remain focused on fund raising.

While traditionally a Surf Life Saving Supporters Club has a bar/restaurant to help raise funds for Surf Life Saving, Peregian Beach lost it's Supporters Club and the Club in it's entirety back in 2014, when the club hit financial strife - you can read more about the club history here.

In 2020 a working party was established to bring back the Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving club resulting in a newly incorporated Club and Supporters Club in 2022.

As a new club, we are working towards the long term goal of having a sustainable, community based surf club with an income stream to keep the surf club running the Nippers Program and Patrols at Peregian Beach.

Currently our Surf Club is supported by income from Community Organisations, Sponsors, the Peregian Beach Markets,  Venue Hire and funds raised from Social Events held at the Club.

Going forward, the Supporters Club has a long term goal to bring back a bar/restaurant to help raise funds to support the Surf Club operations.  



How can you help?

  • Get Involved
  • Join the Surf Club and volunteer for Surf Life Saving Patrols

  • Join as a Community Member
  • As part of our OLGR and Austrac Obligations, all Peregian Beach SLSC Voting Members who want to be part of the Supporters Club are granted automatic membership. However, they MUST complete this form as the Supporters Club is a separate entity (you won’t receive an invoice, we just need to collect your details)


Why become a Community Member?

Your membership fee will go directly towards Life Saving services at our beach.

Not only do you get to support the Club’s establishment, it’s financial sustainability, and become a part of the legacy of founding a new Surf Club, you also get invited to socials and events where you can meet new, community-minded friends in a great, beachside location.

You also get:

  • regular updates on social events and happenings at the club
  • invitations to social events and fundraisers
  • discounted venue hire 
  • discounted merchandise
  • early access to limited numbers events