Club History


The original Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving Club was formed in 1962 with the help of a few enthusiastic lifesavers and T.M. Burke Pty Ltd (Peregian land developers), who paid for the construction of the original ‘clubhouse’. This ‘clubhouse’ was not used to store equipment (which was kept across the David Low Way at the former caravan site) but was a small rectangular shed perched on the dunes at Peregian Beach, used by lifesavers for shelter while on patrol.

During these early years, the Yandina Hotel was a popular watering-hole and the overnight stop for the members of the club. The lifesavers used to hitch-hike their way to Peregian each weekend during the season to patrol the beach. Keith and Poss Gorrie were the local shop proprietors in Peregian and supplied meals to the lifesavers.

Fundraising in the early days was creative and spontaneous. Records show that one of the most successful fundraising activities was the charging of an entry fee to see a large shark which had been caught off Peregian and placed in the township’s swimming pool, which is now the site of the shopping centre.


Unfortunately, the club was disbanded when a cyclone destroyed the ‘clubhouse’ and placed the club in financial hardship.


The community groundswell was sufficient to re-form the club in October 1984.


Patrols recommenced on the 1st of January 1985. Finances and equipment were in short supply and help was quickly forthcoming with a donation of a reel and surf ski from the Southport Club, a surfboat from the Sunshine Beach Club, two other reels from the Broadbeach Club, and other equipment donated by Glen Eden Resort at Peregian. This equipment was housed in a tin shed for many years.


Completion of stage one of the present clubhouse in September.


A 25-year lease was negotiated and signed with Noosa Shire Council together with a full liquor license. The Peregian Beach Surf Lifesaving Supporter’s Club was incorporated, and sub-lease signed with Noosa Shire Council to manage the bar and dining facilities.

Gill Woolcock was recognised as the first woman President of a Queensland surf club.


The completion of the building extensions saw the culmination of many committees’ and fundraisers’ efforts over many years. The Clubhouse facility is double the size of the stage one development completed in 1988.


Eight gaming machines were installed to assist with income generation.


Renovations were undertaken with a bank loan obtained to cover the cost. The club at this time had approximately 2,000 social club members, 19 poker machines and a full time Manager.


The population of the Peregian catchment was 7,482.


Due to pressing financial problems and an unserviceable debt, the Peregian Beach Surf Lifesaving Club was dissolved.

With endorsement from Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ), the Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club (NHSLSC) stepped in to take up the former Club’s debts and members and continued patrols at Peregian Beach to ensure uninterrupted community service at this location. The stated aim of NHSLSC had always been to support a revived PBSLSC at a time in the future when a sustainable, independent surf lifesaving club can be supported by the local Peregian community.

NHSLSC adopted several strategies during the five seasons after the collapse of the original PBSLSC, a number of which were unsuccessful. However, patrol obligations were met.


The population of the Peregian catchment has grown to approximately 13,027.


The development of the new Club is managed under the guidance of both the Peregian Beach Advisory Board (comprised of representatives of both Surf Life Saving Sunshine Coast and SLSQ as well as representatives of various Peregian Community Associations and other interested/specialist parties) and the Peregian Beach Working Group (comprised of Peregian based NHSLSC members with an active interest in the re-establishment of an independent Club).

A local Peregian Nippers program featuring 110 registered participants was successfully reactivated. 30 new Surf Rescue Certificate/Bronze Medallion candidates were put through from the local parent group during the same season. These two facts, more than any other, gave a strong indication that a revived PBSLSC was now a realistic goal over the coming years.


Peregian Surf Life Saving Working Party established.

With the support of SLSQ’s Life Saving and Operations Support committees, Peregian Beach will continue the trial of a new patrol equipment initiative which will see a Rescue Watercraft (WR) (Sea- Doo Spark Jet Ski) fulfilling the traditional beach patrol role of an Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) and crew.


Appointment of John Roderick as inaugural President of the new Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving Club, once incorporated.


Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving Club is incorporated March 2022.

A re-formed PBSLSC is proud to support SLSQ’s Operations Support’s activities and be a full affiliated member of the Sunshine Coast Branch, Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ), Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and the International Lifesaving Federation (ILF).